Services provided by Railmind GmbH

Railmind GmbH offers these services to companies and associations in European rail freight operations:


  • Know-how for Freight Wagon Rental Contracts and General Terms & Conditions
  • Set-up efficient “full-service concepts” related to freight wagon maintenance, logistics management processes and contractual agreements


  • Revision of Safety Management Systems for the application for a Safety Authorization (EU/1169/2010) and a Safety Certificate (EU/1158/2010)
  • Set up and revision of (Safety) Management Systems and contractual agreements for private siding owners to ensure regulatory compliance


  • Strategy development to ensure technical and legal (regulatory) compliance of freight wagons
  • Know-how for ECM-Certification according to EU Regulation EU/445/2011
  • Development of wagon and component maintenance files

We assist you in negotiations and communication with a wide variety of stakeholders including:

  • Suppliers (wagon manufacturers, spare parts and component suppliers, maintenance workshops)
  • Authorities (Ministries, National Safety Authorities, …)